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Being Seen instead of Sight

Panopticum BenthamCompetitive Intelligence has to do with sight. It is important to see what your competitors do, and what else is happening in your environment. Although CI is not only about sight – you also have to do something with your vision – in this blogpost I would like to focus primarily on sight. But this focus won’t be the traditional perspective (observing the environment), but the other way around (the environment observing you). I would like to discuss what visibility means for an organization. Are you aware about the information your competitors can see? In this blogpost, I would like to discuss ‘being seen’.

Practical tips: Presentation techniques

ZenAt some point, every CI (and BI) practitioner has to present something. This can be a presentation about what you want to do, about what you’ve done, or about what you’ve found. No matter why or for whom you’re presenting, it is important to transfer your message loud and clear. In the modern world of today, you can’t imagine a professional presentation without some digital help, for instance a slideshow-presentation, or a short movie. In this blogpost, I would like to discuss some methods for using a slideshow-presentation.