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The typical CI analyst

In our previous blogs, we have been constantly saying that analyzing will remain human work and that the CI analyst is of vital importance. But what does the typical CI analyst do? What makes him or her valuable? What is that piece of human work we don’t want to (or can) automate in CI tools? I will discuss these questions in this weblog.

I don’t need Competitive Intelligence, I work for the Government!?

Recently I visited a BI-seminar where I exhibited on Competitive Intelligence basics. Afterwards I spoke to several people who wanted to discuss whether or not Competitive Intelligence would do them any good. Especially government or semi-government employees struggled with the necessity of CI in their particular situation. “We don’t have competitors” was one of the most heard phrases. Most likely that isn’t even true, but even if it is, I’d like to quote Seena Sharp here from her excellent book “Competitive Intelligence Advantage” where she explains the difference between competitor and competitive intelligence:

Competitive Intelligence Business Case

Every project always has to start with a business case. And every time it all boils down to the same ingredients. No – building a CI business case is not easy. The same goes for BI for instance, but at least the benefits of a BI system are a lot easier to measure afterwards. In this article I’ll discuss the CI business case and I would love to hear your comments and experience on this.