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Competitive Intelligence – Think Big, Start Small (II)

In the previous post we investigated whether or not I should consider practitioning Competitive Intelligence in my restaurant ‘Chez Jérôme’. We designed a partial action plan based on my strategic goals and based upon that, I decided that it was most definitely useful to invest some time and effort (and scarce means) in CI. In this post I will focus on the next steps, now that we decided to go through with our Competitive Intelligence ventures. I will also address some tools that you can use to support your process, which are by the way not Competitive Intelligence tools because that is too big an investment for the size of my restaurant (see my post “The Synergy between Competitive Intelligence and Social Media” for my definition of competitive intelligence tools).

Article: Tippers on Setting up a Competitive Intelligence Process

Ellen NaylorRather interesting article by Ellen Naylor about some takeaways for companies (in any industry) that start practising Competitive Intelligence. Some of them are a bit of a no-brainer but all in all it’s pretty useful. Some useful findings are:

  • Determine most important areas to focus on, the so called Key Intelligence Topics, to avoid focussing on everything
  • Market your CI initiatives internally and emphasize what you can do for your colleagues
  • Invest in your network and maintain it, and focus on the people who know what’s happening inside and out the company

Tippers on Setting up a Competitive Intelligence Process by Ellen Naylor