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Practical tips: Presentation techniques

ZenAt some point, every CI (and BI) practitioner has to present something. This can be a presentation about what you want to do, about what you’ve done, or about what you’ve found. No matter why or for whom you’re presenting, it is important to transfer your message loud and clear. In the modern world of today, you can’t imagine a professional presentation without some digital help, for instance a slideshow-presentation, or a short movie. In this blogpost, I would like to discuss some methods for using a slideshow-presentation.

Article: Achieving Actionability: How to Get Decision-Makers to Pay Attention to Intelligence

Kenneth SawkaKen Sawka once again wrote a very interesting article on their Outward Insights blog. It’s about the problem of perfectly good Competitive Intelligence simply being ignored by management. I’d like to discuss this article in more detail in this blogpost, for two reasons. Firstly because this really is a problem every CI practitioner will recognize. Sawka describes the three forces that influence the level of success in being heard by management, which I think is enlightening. Secondly because I would like to share my vision on this ever returning nuisance and provide some suggestions on how to deal with these forces. Needless to say, I would really recommend the Outward Insights blog since it contains very useful posts on Competitive Intelligence.